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Nothing for sale here, just relevant information on a life changing tool… Something which looks like a six months intensive training and which turns out to be a once-in-a-life experience…and a lot of personal experience sharing from many members who lived their Hero’s Journey through the Master Key Experience.


We are doing our best to make you passionate about the Master Key Experience…because it changed our lives and we really expect it will also change yours.

Week 23 – The magic of Christmas or a Connexion with Gaïa

This morning, it’s Christmas in my garden. I have been blessed by one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received in my life, and I got it from mother nature. I had planned for this week’s blog another subject than this one, but sometimes one must adapt to unforeseen circumstances. And the surprise to find my garden transformed in a fairy tail landscape where the Disney Studios could have filmed the Snow Queen, was indeed a special circumstance…   While I was walking in my garden this morning, I first felt like a little boy discovering an unknown, magic kingdom.                   Then, as I went deeper in the garden, reaching where the forest starts, love started to expand in my heart on an uncontrolled way.             That feeling grew until I burst into tears, totally overwhelmed by a kind of certainty that mother Earth was talking to me, and that she was showing me a little piece of her sacred beauty… So, I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of this magic moment in my life, even knowing that these will not be able to recreate for you the same gift…but will hopefully help me to pass you a message from mother Earth : « I love you, I am with you all the time, look at me and be present because I need you to grow as we are One. » And what is the link with the Master Key Experience? The Master Key help us to grow. Without it, I would never... read more

Week 22 – Upside Down Versus “Upside Up” Thinking

Scroll 6 of Og Mandino’s « Greatest Salesman in the World » contains the sentence I consider for the moment to be the most powerful sentence of the book : « Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions ; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. » This is an example of what I like to call « To think upside up ». There are an infinite number of situations where we, as human beings, have been conditioned to think upside down. This has brought humanity to live a nightmare of negative feelings and pain, because another way to say « thinking upside down » is to say « living against the Universal Laws. » Here are just a few quite obvious examples of “upside down thinking” : We are now used to label good, natural food with the stamp « organic »…leaving the health damaging industrial food unnoticed by ignorant or inattentive people…It’s like if, to introduce you to my good married friend Tom, I’d say « Here is Tom, my good friend who has never beat his wife »…rather stupid, don’t you agree ? Another pathetic example, social security…linked with the previous one, by the way…all the prosperous countries in the world today have an insurance system to cover the expenses of illness…but very few or nothing is invested in educating people on how they could stay in good health all their life. Do you want more ? What about the media which are bombarding the planet with bad « news », which « self-feeds » the vicious circle of bad thoughts, bad feelings, bad behaviors conducing to more bad « news »…instead of informing the population about the good news in the world,... read more

Week 21 – The Breath of Freedom

Already three years, during Week 21, that I am studying this fascinating chapter 21 of the Master Key System, and the first paragraph (21-1) continues more than ever to excite my desire to get the key to freedom, because that is truly what I’m after in this life… And the challenge is to really get what these words mean…ok if you read the paragraph, you will undoubtedly understand every word of it, but what about their true meaning in the daily life? That’s the question to which I am endlessly looking for an answer… Here is the paragraph, make sure you read it with the greatest attention: Haanel 21-1: “The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The Universal Mind is unconditional; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional. We have become free!” How do you feel? Especially when you read the last four words “We have become free!“…to me, it gives me goose bumps!! I KNOW that this paragraph expresses the truth…so where is the key to the vault of freedom? What do we need to get in this paragraph in order to “become free”? This year, I realized for the first time that I had to dig deeper on the meaning of consciousness: what does it mean REALLY to become conscious of something? Here is the summary of the sits I made with this question on the shelf: consciousness materializes through images, memories and thoughts; these will trigger our emotions, which in turn will trigger actions; these actions will... read more

Week 20 – The Devil Works for us!

For the post of this week, as it is a period of the MKMMA training where some members might be struggling with their old demons to stay on track (probably a desperate attempt of their old blueprint to regain control), I was curious to remember what I wrote myself in that same MKMMA week two years ago, when I was a first time student. Guess what? My old demons were torturing me too! Here is what I wrote exactly two years ago during Week 20: “Last Sunday, during the monthly training of our MLM Business, a team was playing on the scene the habitual mental game that a prospect lives when exposed to the MLM concept for the first time. One woman had the role of the prospect’s angel, and another played the prospect’s devil. No need to detail the contents of the scene, which was great by the way. My point here is about the feelings I had regarding the scene. The devil was much more funny than the angel! Each time the devil said something to its « victim », everybody laughed! Also, its fork, its black suit, its two pointed ears and its long forked tail made it ridicule and funny at the same time. Why were most people laughing when the devil was talking? Probably because they recognized their own devil in it and – since they were in the training- they had to overcome these same « devil’s arguments » some time ago or they were on their way to overcome them now. I got the social proof of this at the end of the training, when most guests (more than a dozen of them)... read more

Week 19 – The Operation of Eternal Principles

In the last sentence of chapter 19 (in 19-29), Haanel wrote one century ago “[…] the day is fast approaching — its dawn is now at hand — when modes of thought and action must be adjusted to rapidly increasing knowledge of the operation of eternal principles.” That has been true and demonstrated through the fast development of technology during the last 100 years, which has increased the living standards and the life expectancy in most countries of the planet. But in the area of human behavior, the way we behave, connect and communicate as human beings still needs drastic improvements. The MKMMA is bringing a huge contribution to allow this adjustment of modes of thought and action in this field of improvement, and I feel very fortunate, priviledged and grateful that I could benefit from its teaching. I can really measure the positive impact it has on my own behavior, the better way I live my life today compared with just five years ago, and the positive influence I have around me…and I do my best to not allow my ego to take pride of this, but rather to become a better servant in each experience… The MKMMA program helps all of us to progressively align our thoughts and actions on these eternal principles Haanel is talking about, and to become more conscious of the cosmic laws – the only real laws – which rule our lives. A few days ago, I had an excellent opportunity to assess the positive impact the MKMMA training has got on me so far… The circumstances were rather challenging, since I got the... read more

Week 18 – Improving the World by Improving Oneself

Last Friday, we had our third tribe’s meeting on Skype, and it is a real priviledge for me to have this unique opportunity to connect great people who are on their path to greatness, in an earnest quest to improve their life. I just want to briefly share in this post my gratitude and my absolute amazement for the fantastic potential this modern world is offering us… Before I go further, yes, I am aware that modern technology has also some drawbacks…we have all seen many times the scene of these couples sitting in a coffee shop or a restaurant, each playing with their own smartphone without exchanging a single word for their whole time together…Just to give one example of how silly these technologies can make us sometimes… But if that is the only price to pay for allowing people from all around the world to help each others becoming better human beings, it is surely worth it 1000 times or more. Indeed, that Friday, we had Dominica from Belgium, Mani from Australia, Katia from South Africa and Michael from USA…2 of them in each hemisphere, and each of them in a different continent, connected together and having a 1 hour mastermind, sharing their successes and challenges, laughing together and encouraging each others… It was a blessing to be able to listen to them and I imagined how each of them, maybe sometimes without even knowing it, was helping the others to progress in they own journey… Because, as Haanel writes in 18-21 and 22 “The Universal Mind manifests itself in the objective, through the principle of attraction […] It is by this principle of combining and attracting that things are brought together.... read more

Week 17 – “All Commercial Relations Are The Externalization of Desire”

The title of this post is extracted from section 17-18 of Haanel’s Master Key System. This year is the third year in a row that I am studying the Master Key System, and it is only now that my attention is consciously attracted by this statement. My intention for this post is just to share with you a simple idea that was sleeping in my mind since a while, and that has been waken up by my reading of  this week Master Key System. This idea is this: engaging in any business or commercial activity is an efficient way to accelerate our personal development. Let’s try to illustrate this idea. One of the most exciting business activities I have ever done is network marketing. For those who don’t know about it, it is a commercial activity that anyone can practice on top of a regular occupation, and which has the potential to bring an unlimited source of income after some years of regular practice. There is a statement in network marketing which is known by all the practitioners: “Your business will grow at the same pace as you will grow as a person.” This is true of course for all types of businesses and commercial activities, but it is particularly visible in network marketing because the basic activity is so simple – sharing something we like by word of mouth – that it easily reveals the differences between the people who get excellent, good or poor results. And the most obvious difference is this: the different amount of successful personal development made by the different individuals. So far, my own definition of “to grow as a person” was “to become a... read more

Week 15 – “And the Word Became Flesh”

In 15-12 of the Master Key we read: “The first form which thought will find is language, or words; this determines the importance of words; they are the first manifestation of thought — the vessels in which thought is carried.” It is quite easy for our intellect to understand the meaning of these sentences. But it may take some more time to also understand their scope and their impact in our daily life. How many times a day are we hearing someone complaining about his current situation or projecting pessimistic predictions for his near future – Sometimes maybe we are catching ourself doing it?! Of course, this is a tragic behavior that each of us should earnestly try to eradicate forever from their habits! This fact started to really emerge in my awareness after I heard an hilarious but very profound speach of a talented speaker and networker named Randy Gage, some years ago. As a young and very promising networker, Randy had been invited by a great leader to give a speach during an important convention on the West Coast. They had dinner together the evening before, and Randy told us what happened during that evening that changed his life forever: “I had spent the whole meal talking about all the bad things that had happened to me in my business and in my life, and about all the difficult challenges I had to overcome to reach my current level in the organization.   During two hours, I moaned and complained, ‘ME, Randy, fighting alone against all the forces of evil’…and he listened to me very patiently. At the end of the meal, he stood up, paid the bill for both of us and we walked... read more

Week 14 – Hard Work Is…

I am sure that, like me, you have heard many, many times the sentence “In order to succeed, hard work is required”, or any variant of it. At first, I thought that I knew what “working hard” meant, and that, by improving my understanding of the concept of “success”, I would create for me and my family a better life. This “strategy” gave me some positive results of course, but at some stage I realized that I was still quite far from what I felt inside of me to be “my best”! Looking at the sentence again, “In order to succeed, I must work hard”, there were not many words left in it that needed clarification, so I came to the conclusion that I had to clarify what “working hard” really meant. Then, once I figured out that working my consulting  business 70 or 80 hours a week was NOT a correct definition of “working hard”, although I believed it and did it for many years, I stopped doing it. Discovering a part of what “hard work” was not, was of course a success…But I still couldn’t figure out what it really was. Slowly, that unresolved question sank into a lost part of my subconscious mind… Then, finally, FINALLY…it happened, last Monday! I had worked 36 hours nearly non stop (just a break for the MKMMA webcast ) to complete a task I REALLY wanted to finish by Monday 9PM… When it was done, I savored my success and I thought “Well, IT WASN’T HARD after all!” Then, in search for anything to relax my mind for a few minutes, I grabbed the first book in my reach – that was “The Strangest Secret” by... read more

Week 13 – The Top of a Mountain is not a Place to Stay!

I was happy to share my “Alpine hero’s journey” in the webcast last week, and I am grateful for the feedback from several of you about the positive effect it had created…wishing of course that it will contribute to the achievement of your MKMMA hero’s journey. In the mean time, I would like to share with you another insight I got during the week, as an extension of that mountain metaphore… Did you ever ask yourself like I did also, “Once I will have reached that big goal, what shall I do next?” or about another person that you admire for their high achievements – an Olympic gold medalist, a high achievement businessman, a great musician, a famous actor, etc… – “Now that (s)he has achieve THIS, what could (s)he possibly do better?” From another perspective, that same question becomes critical when we see ourselves or anyone else installed for too long in a comfort zone, even if sometimes hard-earned…What happens then in 100% of the cases? You know it: degeneration!…Of what? Well, of anything that is not maintained active…some muscles or the whole body in the physical area, the brain or part of it in the mental area, some specific skills that were required to “reach the top”… That top which will soon transform itself into a deadly comfort zone if we choose to stay there… Why did I write “deadly”? Because, using again the mountain metaphore, the top of a mountain is not meant for a man to stay, it is a deadly environment! Indeed, nothing can stay alive for long at the top of a mountain, not even the tiniest bacteria, because of the harsh conditions which reign up... read more

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