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Everybody knows that children are the future of humanity. And humanity is progressing only when adults are treating their children well, simply because children copy the behaviors of their parents and educators. Everyone can find dozens of evidences of this in their own life, so let me just illustrate with some of mine. As a child, I remember starting to cook for myself and my younger brother around age 12, and preparing a few simple meals exactly as my parents did. Also, I spent all my holidays until age 17 traveling and camping in all corners of Europe with my parents. After I had created my own family, I started doing exactly the same thing with my wife and my children. Today, now that my three children have created their own family, they continue to copy this « holiday behavior » initiated by my parents. Of course, negative behaviors are also copied right away. For example, I started smoking cigarettes at an early age, like my father. And when I finally interrupted this harmful behavior at age 48…I realized that my father had stopped smoking at exactly the same age! What lesson should we draw from this? That learning and exercising the right behaviors in ALL areas of life should be our single most important priority, both for ourselves and for our children…and I don’t mean only our own children, but ALL the children on earth! If you can agree with this affirmation, then the BEST way by far to achieve this is the Master Key Experience, which is directly rooted in Charles Haanel’s Master Key System. The thousands of articles... read more

Week 22 – An Example of Character

Everybody has heard many times the « Dream big » recommendation to create a worthy life. Some people are doing their best to integrate this « Dream big » idea in their daily life. And sometimes, a rare individual has dreams that are so « big » that they surpass the biggest dreams that most people can conceive in their imagination…and he or she has the talent and the grit to achieve them. Elon Musk is one of these rare individuals. If you don’t know him yet, he co-founded PayPal (he sold his shares later on to launch all his following projects), created the full electric Tesla car, and founded SpaceX, with the goal of creating cities on planet Mars and helping make humanity a multi-planet species! Don’t think he is crazy…The Tesla is on the market today, and he has already developed his own rocket, which can send several men in space, then be recovered on a plateform in sea to be reused. Last day, I found an inspiring video in which he is revealing a bit of his extraordinary character. That’s what I wanted to share here, because I believe that the MKMMA experience contains all the tools that could allow each of us to build our character in direction to Elon’s character… That’s all I wish to happen for you and me ! Here are a few of his inspiring beliefs : Life cannot just be about solving problems ; there have to be things that are inspiring and exciting, and that make you glad to be alive. There are certain important things that we must do in order for the future to be good. When something is... read more

Week 21 – Finding Our Unique Gift

Last week, I was in Las Vegas to attend an international convention. During the free time, I went to see the « Michael Jackson One show » by the « Cirque du Soleil », and it turned out to be the most extraordinary entertainment moments I ever lived in my life. The show brought me twice into tears by creating feelings of joy and absolute beauty in my heart and soul. Several days after the show, these feelings were still very vivid in me, and I found in the Facebook page of the show more than thirteen thousands « five stars » comments, out of about 15,000 comments! Of course, I encourage you to go and see the show when you will be in Las Vegas… But here is the point I wanted to make : when I came back home and started to share my enthousiasm about this incredible experience, I realized that the creators of the show had operated at a level of excellence in all areas – imagination, visualisation, realization, execution – which means to me that they were able to work in direct and permanent contact with their source of inspiration, the Universal mind…Just like a few other great inspired artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, etc… I then asked myself how some human beings are capable of such perfection, literally as they have the « Divine Touch. » I found an answer that could be a great hope for all of us, who are practicing the MKMMA experience. It could be that all these great people have found their unique gift early in life (this is at least verified for Mozart!),... read more

Week 20 – Do You Have “Blind Spots”?

I recently talked to a former student of the MKMMA program, who was sharing a current challenge she was facing in her life. During the conversation, I realized that she had been happy to accomplish the whole MKMMA program without failing to do all the exercises, but that she had not considered the possibility to do the program again… I could not understand in the moment why she didn’t see how repeating the program might have continued to raise her consciousness until she found a way to overcome her challenge… That was until last Monday, and a discovery I made about myself while reading for the last time in my 4th MKMMA session, Og Mandino’s Scroll IV, « I am nature’s greatest miracle » Since I discovered the MKMMA program four years ago, I had probably read Scrool IV approximately 345 times…and during all these years, I took the following sentences as granted: « I will (…) proclaim my uniqueness in the world » and « I will place my uniqueness on display in the market place…I will begin now to accent my differences… » That Monday, I was hit by an obvious question that I had never asked myself during any of my 345+ readings: what REALLY is this uniqueness in me and what REALLY are these differences in me that I am supposed to display and to accent on the market place?! Four years with such a simple and so important question about myself in front of my eyes, literally word for word (just the question mark missing!), and not seeing it… That could only be a kind of « blind spot », an evidence about... read more

Weeks 18-19: Mind the Quality of Your Thoughts

Colombia is a large country (twice the area of France), that’s why travelling by plane between the big cities (eg. Bogota and Medellin) is very common. The two other most popular transportation systems are the bus and the collective taxi (« collectivos ») for the least fortunates. Traveling by plane is not different from Europe or the US, but travelling by bus in the outskirts of the cities reveals that poverty (and sometimes extreme poverty) is still present in Colombia. It was heart breaking to see loose end kids and adults sitting in the shadow of their little cabins surrounded by thousands of plastic bottles and other kinds of garbages. In front of these scenes, I could not avoid the question « What could I do for these people ? » And my first feelings were ones of sadness and helplessness. I realize that the only way I could have a chance to bring any value to them would be to start developing some communication skills and other skills like the ones Mother Theresa developed during her fantastic journey in Calcutta. But is this part of my Dharma? Do I have the time, the motivation and the energy to do this? No. Therefore, the question comes back « What can I do for these people ? » Here is the positive answer I found : as my “World Without” is an exact reflexion of my “World Within”, it is clear that I have a thing in my “World Within” that is causing the scenes of poverty I witnessed in Colombia. Therefore, it is my duty to find and heal that thing in me. For this, I have all... read more

Weeks 16-17: A Kind Experience

January is the “family month” this year, for me! Indeed, after a beautiful week spent with my children and grand-children in the French Riviera (see previous post), I have been in Colombia for two weeks with the family of Françoise, my wife, for the marriage of her nephew… I made a nice discovery when arriving in Colombia: the Colombian nation is kind! Being drilled by the kindness week, it is no surprise that I noticed it right away with the first Colombian I met after stepping out of the plane, the Customs employee. The same kindness emanated from the Airport employee who guided us to the Hotel Shuttle, the hotel receptionist, and the waiter in the restaurant… The following days showed that it was no coincidence or just the effect of the law of attraction (as I was focused on kindness by virtue of the MKMMA), but a characteristic of most Colombians, as all my various contacts with them proved (in hotels, restaurants, shops, the streets, and the family in law of Françoise’s nephew). This discovery about the kindness of Colombian people has lead me to another experiment about kindness. Indeed, Colombians have also a few common weaknesses. For example, in some areas like hotels and restaurants, they are most often slow and rather untrained. That makes the average waiting time for a meal in a restaurant two or three times longer than in Europe…and once we get our meal, several other details must often still be fixed before we can really start to eat. Similar situations in any European restaurant would lead most clients to loose their temper... read more

Week 15 – Manifest Your Ideal!

I started 2017 on the best way I could ever dreamed of: a full week with my whole family in a beautiful environment. The place was Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera (Mediterranean coast), and although it’s winter time, the weather has been sunny and bright during the whole week. We are a family of 16 (our three children and their spouses, and our eight grand-children plus Françoise and myself), and we had many wonderful moments together, wandering in beautiful nature, sharing great food in an excellent restaurant, playing on the beach, visiting unique places like the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, or celebrating birthdays… Life takes an incredible value for every single member of the family during such events. That’s why I am in total gratitude for it. And I am also in infinite gratitude for the MKMMA training, because it has allowed me to measure the incredible value of such moments and to learn the skills to be able to manifest them in my life. Family gathering like these should not necessarily be an ideal for every MKMMA student, but every MKMMA student should at least have one ideal that he or she absolutely wants to manifest in life. Then, thanks to an earnest practice of the MKMMA principles and exercises, this ideal will eventually manifest itself. By law. An earnest practice of MKMMA in 2017 and beyond, that’s all I wish to each MKMMA... read more

Week 14 – A new Life Style for 2017

“Your world without will be a reflexion of your world within” (The Master Key System, 14.30) “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view” (George Mathew Adams) These two statements are profound. They hold the power to change the life of anyone who take a few minutes every day to think of what they mean specifically for them, and who seek to apply what they discovered in their daily life. This by itself can be considered as a Life Style, and those who adopt this life style create happiness for them and the people they love. Therefore, if it is not yet done, I wish you to fall in love with this Life Style, and to live a healthy, prosperous, harmonious and joyful life in... read more

Week 13 : The Big Screen and the Little Square

We only see a very little part of all the amazing things which are going on in our being. As a comparison, suppose that all what’s going on in your being was displayed on a big TV or computer screen, and that what you can see is just a little square of 10 x 10 pixels out of that big screen. Only the information within that “little square” is perceived by the conscious mind. When something arises in your “little square”, it is always a consequence of all what is happening in the rest of your screen. There is thus a good news and a bad news: the bad news is that, if you don’t know how to master the things which happen on your big screen, you are like a cork on the ocean…you see events and circumstances scrolling in your “little square” without any power to influence them on one way or another, whatever your efforts to control them. One of my friends went recently to an ordinary medical check up, and discovered sundenly that she was developing a severe disease…just before the check up, she thought she was in good health! Her real health status had just appeared in her “little square”, but the illness was developing since quite a long time in the other parts of her “big screen”. Does this mean we should be afraid of what’s happening outside of our perception and expect to have the sky falling on our head at any moment? No, this is not necessary nor suitable because the good news is that it is possible to acquire the mastery of... read more

Week 12 – Addiction can be good too

I love to do the reading of my DMP and the Og’s Greatest Salesman. I love it even so much after four years of practice, that I became addicted to it! For example, if I pass the door of my bedroom before my readings at night, I got an automatic thought which reminds me “Hey, your readings!”, and I go back to catch my DMP and my Og’s book… How did it happen? Easy: when I was in my first year of MKMMA, each time I found myself in bed without having done my evening readings, I forced myself to get out of bed and to do my readings, then going to bed again… After a few months of this treatment, my subconscious mind was drilled to trigger the automatic thought at the entrance of my bedroom. The same happened for the sit… I love so much to be and feel myself in that state of stillness, doing the Master Key exercise or just observing my breathing, that I do it at least twice a day, and usually for much longer than 15 minutes. Most of the time, I actually have to give myself the order to stop the sit, otherwise I could stay in for most of the day! Of course, if you just started the MKMMA, you may still struggle to keep the sit into your daily habits. That’s normal if you were not already familiar with that kind of practice. It takes some time to learn how to quiet the flow of the uncontrolled thoughts flowing through the mind. But once you become able to reduce... read more

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