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Week 19 – Janet’s Blog: Law of Environment

  Here is a very thought provoking and poetic post of Janet on our deep nature as human beings. To send her your comments, just go to her Blog: “1 billion light years in a supercomputer. Saying our Universe is a big place is a bit of an understatement. And with recent advances in our understanding of the effects of dark matter and black holes on the formation of galaxies, it’s surprisingly dynamic. All of this pales in significance to what lies within each and everyone of us and the laws that govern that space. There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance. –Albert Einstein A mate of mine recently challenged me … to write my ‘living obituary’ .. I felt these massive glumps of really heavy thick goo-stuff ‘infusing’ throughout me – whilst I simultaneously & spontaneously thrilled & balked at the ‘dare’… wondrous amazement at such a powerful immersive demonstration of “all that concrete & fragile Subbie having a spin-out tug-of-war with my future genius self”  in action.. He, my mate, is co-authoring his living obituary … “Do these things BEFORE you die” – draft title.. I’m the co-author .. His thinking is : “we’re doing this together… so, why don’t I write mine too.. ?.. Only thing is: the whole idea emerged from an intention to enjoy time spent together during his remaining days, be that 1 or maybe 30.. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the... read more

Week 18 – Scott’s Post: Starting to Reap the Fruits

In his 18th week post, Scott is sharing some changes which happened since the beginning of MKE “This is an amazing course. One of the assignments this week was to go back and read some of the old lessons. Doing so I can see how far I have come in these last 18 weeks. I actually went back and read all of my blogs from week one and I can see a real change in myself. I look forward to the next several weeks and beyond as everything comes together in my journey of becoming the person I am meant to be. Another thing as we move on to a new scroll, what I am taking forward from the last scroll is never do I forget that many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk delivered with excellence. Being in the field of sales this is so true for me as I have actually experienced the value of having a scripted presentation in then past. This serves as a reminder to me what can be accomplished. This week I also have been focusing on organization and so many new ideas have come to me through noticing organization in others.” To post a comment to Scott or connect to his Blog, go here: read more

Week 17 – From Gary’s Blog: Franklin Makeover Continues

Here is what Gary shared in his 17th week blog: “Week 17 of the Franklin Makeover.  Last week the 300 participants who have persevered through the 17 weeks of this course all looked for kindness.  They also performed two acts of kindness (un-noticed if possible) a day and reported them in the kindness section of our website.  There were over 8300 acts reported and actually many more as some people reported them in the section that was not counted or tracked, or put 3 or 4 acts in one entry.  Amazing!!  I found people reacted to my acts of kindness with acts of their own.  Everyone was smiling and happy as an act of kindness brightens everyone’s’ day ! This week I am looking for acts and signs of Discipline.  I have found a few. Athletes in competition who keep their cool when others do not.  People who do things they are supposed to do even when they don’t feel like it. I am continuing my reading and sitting as directed and probably have completed the activities 95% of the time.  The ones I miss are during the mid day and I usually do not miss them. Death by Burpees and exercise are a discipline and I am over 90% compliant on that.  The moral is whatever you look for or concentrate on, you see.  I am looking for the positive and not the negative.  What you do not focus or concentrate on atrophys or goes away! In the 17 weeks I have been taking this class, Everything is better!” You will find Gary’s blog here: , just put... read more

Week 16 – Harmony

As every morning, I was reading a thought from one of my mentors, Mikhaël Aïvanhov, and I feel the strong desire to share it with you, because of its link with Lesson 16 of Haanel’s Master Key System. Here is my free translation from French of that thought: “They are the experiences, and mainly the unhappy experiences, which educate humans. None of them is spared. Therefore, here is for everyone the real work: to stop on each daily life experience and draw the lessons from it, in order to always go further on the path of wisdom, balance, peace. But how many are able to draw the lessons from what happens to them? During the whole life they do the same unhappy experiences, but they don’t learn anything, they don’t do anything – or so few! – to escape from the noise and the internal disorders in which they are soaked. They suffer, of course, they are not proud, of course, but they are used to that life and they resign themselves to it…The time has come for them to get out of this. And they will get out of it if they make every day the effort to look for harmony: to love, to desire harmony, to introduce it in every move, in each word, in each look. It is this state of harmony which will bring the light for them on all their experiences and which will give them the means to draw the lessons from these.” Can you measure at the light of this wisdom the fantastic advantage of our MKMMA training…and why it is also named the Master Key Experience?! And when you... read more

Week 15 – from Scott’s Blog, See How MKMMA Is Making A Difference For Him

In his week 15 Blog post, Scott Kangas  is sharing a very important characteristic of the MKMMA training, and how it is helping him to truly transform himself toward the person he really wants to be: “I was out of town over the holiday’s and this is when the persistent repetition that I have done over and over for the last several weeks and months really pays off. I had virtually no internet reception while I was gone but did download the week 14 lesson onto my computer so that I was able to keep up with my reading every day. I also brought with me all the other reading requirements we have. It is so ingrained into my mind that I feel guilty if I even miss one time. It was good to get back on the webinar this week even though I had to watch the recording as I was on a flight during the live webinar. I am looking forward to the next 13 weeks as I will be bringing out the traits already in me through becoming an observer of others. I truly know that a foundation is being built that will help me to become everything that I want and more importantly I will be able to show others how to become everything they want. It is a huge understatement to say that this is not your average course where you leave excited for a few days and then do nothing. The MKMMA has us participate from day one. I replace old habits with new habits that are geared toward the person I really... read more

Week 14 – From Cheri’s Blog: “I nearly dropped out!!”

Our old blueprint is constantly ambushed trying to keep us in the status quo, which means here to quit our Hero’s Journey…Here is how Cheri brilliantly avoided the trap: “I am so grateful for my MasterKey Guide… with good questions and gentle inquiry of was the “old blue print” boldly saying “you can’t…” before seeing what could be experienced… I decided to press on and stay the course. What has happened in the last few weeks has been nothing short of exciting for me! That the inner world is manifesting more and more in the outer world is, well, a wonder! Received a most precious gift from my niece for Christmas, a hand written note of appreciation! Some key words: “you always encourage …; “…being an independent lover. By that I mean that you are independant and self-sufficient and you still have a lot of love to give all the time which is quite an accomplishment!”.  She could have read my DMP as Liberty and Autonomy are my PPN’s with being of integrity and encouragement in my relationships! What a gift!! Even though my 7 Day Mental Diet is well honestly in a stage of daily re-set; I am finding less and less of my own thoughts focused in the nay say world but way more encouraging & upliftng with curiosity. My challenge is the negative people that I cannot remove myself from at this point in time. So I get to practise everyday how to let their words float right on out of my head and not land within my thought... read more

Week 13: The Point of No Return

Everybody has experienced a “point of no return” in many circumstances of their life. In the mountain, reaching a point of no return simply means that, wherever your route has brought you so far, going back the same route would be more difficult than what your physical and/or technical abilities would allow you to do. When this happens, you are left with two choices to go back home: finding an easier return route that fits your abilities or waiting for an helicopter to bring you back to a safe place! The example of the mountain is easy to catch – and therefore to act upon – because it is mainly the physical body which is at stake…and that’s a part of our World Without… But could our spiritual “body”, a part of our World Within, also experience a point of no return? That would be a point where we either decide to continue to grow as a human being, or to stop working and regress under the control of our Old Blueprint… I believe that Week 13 of the MKMMA, half-way of the program, is precisely a Point of No Return in our quest toward an harmonious and abundant life. Here is why. During the first 13 weeks, we have learned many specific strategies and tactics allowing us to become fully self directed thinkers, deliberate creators of our life… From here on, we have two challenges to overcome: to switch off the Old Blueprint which wants to keep us stuck and unchanged, to integrate the strategies and tactics we just learned, and that will be the main focus of Weeks 14 to 26 of the MKMMA... read more

Week 12: Gary’s Sharing – Looking in the Mirror

Here is how Gary shares how he experienced one of the most intense exercises of the MKMMA training: “Sunday afternoon, 4 PM, Time for the Webinar.  I actually put the audio on in the car  Saturday thinking I would hear week 11 and week 12 came on instead.  A Sneak Peak!  Love those! The webinar starts.  Mark is ENTHUSIASTIC for an hour.  Then he says to repeat the one sentence DMP for 50 minutes.  What?  Repeat the one sentence DMP for 50 minutes.  I get a small mirror, tell my wife to ignore me in the office, I am going to repeat a sentence over and over for 50 minutes.  Generates a puzzled look from her to say the least! I start- I find myself having to read it off the card for the first little while.  I set a timer for 30 minutes and continue.  It is amazing how fast the time goes by.  I am thirsty, My voice is changing, I am getting ENTUsiastic( half as much as Mark).  I like this!  “I am a Double Platinum Presidential Net-worker, Living in the United States nine months of the year, Greece three months of the year, earning $500,000 or more a year helping other people improve their lives.”  What could be better than that?!? The exercise during the sit this week  is to just relax, mentally and physically.  The course is building one step at a time and I am excited about the progress and the changes I am seeing in myself.  I like the mirror work and have read about it in a book by the late Louise Hays. ... read more

Week 11 – Janet’s MKMMA Experience: “Being the Cause of the Matter”

The beginning of my week… Last night I felt a deeping ‘relaxed focus’ and a gently very restful peace with my DMP. I will refine it some more this week. Some quotes I have spent quite a bit of time musing on this week: “Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions. For this reason, men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with absolute precision just what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions.” “It is well, however, to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.” I spent a heap of time on this one.. during sits and also it travelled with me during my day.. 12. As the interests of the individual are protected by the arms of the country, added to his own; and his needs may depend upon certain supply in the degree that they are felt more universally and steadily; in the same manner does conscious citizenship in the Republic of nature secure us from the annoyances of subordinate agents by alliance with superior powers; and by appeal to the fundamental laws of resistance or inducement offered to mechanical or chemical... read more

Week 10 – Scott’s Master Teacher is Manifesting!

Here is Scott’s inspiring post after his 10th week of discovery of the Master Key: “I have come to the conclusion that I am in the presence of Master Teacher’s. Each week I learn something new that is transforming my life slowly but surely. I still have the occasional doubts but they are now fleeting as they only stick with me for a brief moment. When this happens I immediately think of something positive which overrides the negative thoughts almost instantly. One word that works for me is “POWER” and another is “LOVE”. I have a long way to go to get to where I need to be but I am excited for the journey to continue. This course, the Master Key is unlike anything that I have ever been through in my life. In the past I would go through something and I could maintain the positive attitude and excitement for awhile but eventually it would go away. I now realize that this is all by design, it is what I have been taught over the last many years. It is my old blueprint. I for the first time in my life am seeing how I truly can be anything that I want to be and do anything that I want to do. When I think of my past I think of the movie Groundhog Day where the same thing kept happening over and over again. I now realize that I can build myself over entirely in a very short period of time and I don’t have to repeat those same bad habits over and over again. I will... read more

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