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Week 15 – An Excellent Start!

I started 2017 on the best way I could ever dreamed of: a full week with my whole family in a beautiful environment. The place was Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera (Mediterranean coast), and although it’s winter time, the weather has been sunny and bright during the whole week. We are a family of 16 (our three children and their spouses, and our eight grand-children plus Françoise and myself), and we had many wonderful moments together, wandering in beautiful nature, sharing great food in an excellent restaurant, playing on the beach, visiting unique places like the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, or celebrating birthdays… Life takes an incredible value for every single member of the family during such events. That’s why I am in total gratitude for it. And I am also in infinite gratitude for the MKMMA training, because it has allowed me to measure the incredible value of such moments and to learn the skills to be able to manifest them in my life. Family gathering like these should not necessarily be an ideal for every MKMMA student, but every MKMMA student should have at least one ideal that he or she absolutely wants to manifest in life. Then, thanks to an earnest practice of the MKMMA principles and exercises, this ideal will eventually manifest itself. By law. An earnest practice of MKMMA in 2017 and beyond, that’s all I wish to each of... read more

Week 14 – A new Life Style for 2017

“Your world without will be a reflexion of your world within” (The Master Key System, 14.30) “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view” (George Mathew Adams) These two statements are profound. They hold the power to change the life of anyone who take a few minutes every day to think of what they mean specifically for them, and who seek to apply what they discovered in their daily life. This by itself can be considered as a Life Style, and those who adopt this life style create happiness for them and the people they love. Therefore, if it is not yet done, I wish you to fall in love with this Life Style, and to live a healthy, prosperous, harmonious and joyful life in... read more

Week 13 : The Big Screen and the Little Square

We only see a very little part of all the amazing things which are going on in our being. As a comparison, suppose that all what’s going on in your being was displayed on a big TV or computer screen, and that what you can see is just a little square of 10 x 10 pixels out of that big screen. Only the information within that “little square” is perceived by the conscious mind. When something arises in your “little square”, it is always a consequence of all what is happening in the rest of your screen. There is thus a good news and a bad news: the bad news is that, if you don’t know how to master the things which happen on your big screen, you are like a cork on the ocean…you see events and circumstances scrolling in your “little square” without any power to influence them on one way or another, whatever your efforts to control them. One of my friends went recently to an ordinary medical check up, and discovered sundenly that she was developing a severe disease…just before the check up, she thought she was in good health! Her real health status had just appeared in her “little square”, but the illness was developing since quite a long time in the other parts of her “big screen”. Does this mean we should be afraid of what’s happening outside of our perception and expect to have the sky falling on our head at any moment? No, this is not necessary nor suitable because the good news is that it is possible to acquire the mastery of... read more

Week 12 – Addiction can be good too

I love to do the reading of my DMP and the Og’s Greatest Salesman. I love it even so much after four years of practice, that I became addicted to it! For example, if I pass the door of my bedroom before my readings at night, I got an automatic thought which reminds me “Hey, your readings!”, and I go back to catch my DMP and my Og’s book… How did it happen? Easy: when I was in my first year of MKMMA, each time I found myself in bed without having done my evening readings, I forced myself to get out of bed and to do my readings, then going to bed again… After a few months of this treatment, my subconscious mind was drilled to trigger the automatic thought at the entrance of my bedroom. The same happened for the sit… I love so much to be and feel myself in that state of stillness, doing the Master Key exercise or just observing my breathing, that I do it at least twice a day, and usually for much longer than 15 minutes. Most of the time, I actually have to give myself the order to stop the sit, otherwise I could stay in for most of the day! Of course, if you just started the MKMMA, you may still struggle to keep the sit into your daily habits. That’s normal if you were not already familiar with that kind of practice. It takes some time to learn how to quiet the flow of the uncontrolled thoughts flowing through the mind. But once you become able to reduce... read more

Week 10 – Trust Your Guide!

Last summer, I was enjoying climbing some beautiful mountains in the French Alps with my guide, when I lived a special experience which has become today one of my most valuable lessons in life. For our second mountain, my guide and me had left the refuge at 4:30am and we were slowly walking a very steep slope since about 45 minutes when our head lights hit a plate of snow. I got ready to take my ice cleats in my rugsag when my guide said: “we can cross safely without it, it will just be like walking normally in the snow.” And without further delay, he stepped in the snow. I had never yet walked on a steep icy snow plate in the dark without ice cleats, so I felt my throat slightly tightening, but I courageously stepped in the snow too. After three steps, I realized that it wasn’t just a normal walk in the snow, at least for me, and my legs started to shake, while my body curled up forwards, desperately clinging to my two walking sticks strongly stuck in the icy snow. In the same time, I had to fight against the paralyzing vision of me slipping down the snow plate and then falling down the 300 or 400 meters we had already climbed since the refuge. I could not understand why my guide kept calmly repeating that it would be easier for me to stand up and walk normally – although that is exactly what he was doing while talking to me. It took me more than 15 minutes to reach the other side... read more

Week 9: Back to the Basics…Again

Before writing my weekly blog, I sometimes read what I wrote when I was in my first year of MKMMA as a student. It usually helps me to assess the distance I have made thanks to the daily use of the MKMMA tools. Here is what I wrote 4 years ago…   « Gentlemen, this is a football. » Being a native European, it’s funny that this famous quote is the one coming straight to my mind when I realize I should go back to the basics. It happened again this week. It was about the behavior of replacing fear by love each time I think of or I start doing my contact calls. I know it works – I’ve experienced it and got great results with it. But some inadequate beliefs rooted in the Old Blueprint were still empeding that good behavior to become a habit. Thanks to its recap of all the magic weapons keeping our subby under siege for our best, this week 9 webinar helped me to come back to one of my own fundamentals, discovered 13 years ago. As this one saved my life on that time, I humbly ask you to take a minute to read what follows, just in case it could serve you or someone you love. At the time of my discovery, I had since a while become a work junkie, stranger to my wife and my children, smelling like a cold ashtray or an old coffee pot (depending on the distance). And despite of all these inconveniencies…I was broke. From today’s perspective, I can tell you that God had let me... read more

Week 8 – The MKMMA Hurricane and the Sirens of the Old Blueprint

The Old Blueprint is a formidable force to be reckoned with, and which, if left untamed, can bring the brightest, most wonderful person to the darkest part of hell. Never ever underestimate the potential of your Old Blueprint to harm you or to enslave you (nor, in the same time, YOUR potential to submit it to your will, but this is another story that will be covered in a future post). And why is this? Because the Old Blueprint is a part of our World Within, and therefore knows EVERYTHING about our intentions and our plans, even before they are fully conceived in our conscious mind. That’s why, once you find a reliable way to free yourself from its clutches (and for us all, the MKMMA training IS such a way), it is so critical to keep going at all price, to tie yourself up to the mast of your ship to resist its continuous siren song…because you know what will happen if you succomb to it! Several members of my tribe have already succombed to its enchanted appeal, and they will now need a much stronger appeal from their “Hero within” to start again their MKMMA Hero’s Journey next year, providing they had the intent to do so when they decided to quit. The reason is simple: now that their Old Blueprint knows in details several of the tricks used during the MKMMA to replace it by a much better version, it will also be much better in organizing its resistance… A bit like what we do to protect our house when we expect a hurricane to pass... read more

Week 7 – To Smell Or Not To Smell…Good!

Last Tuesday, I was attending a conference call of one of my business partners. He was promoting with enthousiasm the practice of daily exercises to continuously maintain and improve our positive mental attitude. He compared this practice with the one of taking care of the health of our physical body, by breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, making exercises, taking a shower, washing our hands, brushing our teeth, etc. If we did all that for our body, why couldn’t we and shouldn’t we do the same for our mind? Of course, I immediately thought of our daily sit, readings, service cards, guy/gall in the glass, etc. and I felt reassured that I had excellent tools to do my brain washing every day. At the end of the conference, my partner asked the participants to give a short feedback on what they had learned. But answers like “Very interesting, thank you!” or “You are right, I should do better for my mind” made me realize that some of them didn’t really get the message! My desire to friendly quick these people in the pants made me think of the following little odorous metaphore: Imagine that you suppressed just one of the habits described above to take care of your physical body, let’s say the shower (not even a vital one like eating or breathing)… No shower for one or two days should not have unbearable consequences, but what about a week? Or two weeks? The smell… Yuck! Or one month? The bugs…Aaah!! That’s for the physical body, the “World Without”. Now think about the amount of dirt and garbage the mind, ie.... read more

Week 6 – The Power of Attention in Action

I had two main sources of joy during the sixth week of the MKMMA. The first source has been the presence during the week of my three grand-daughters at home (two seven year old twins and their 3 year old sister.) The second source has been the reading of the sixth chapter of the Master Key System and the “Aha” moment I got from it and from the loving presence of my grand-daughters. I am excited to share this “Aha” moment with you, and to make it easy and fast, let me first share with you the section 19 of the sixth chapter of the Master Key System: “19. Attention or concentration is probably the most important essential in the development of mind culture. The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated. The cultivation of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired.“ The three children I had the privilege to observe during one week at home were the living undisputable proof of that statement, and that was my “Aha” moment! If you know just a little about the natural behavior of children when they are playing alone or together, you could maybe say “What is the link between the “cultivation of attention” and the tendency of any child to switch without transition from one game to another, most of the time before the first game is finished?” Isn’t this the contrary of the power of attention? I would have said this until the end of last... read more

Week 5 – “You Are the Heir!”

I am sad, because two members of my tribe have given up after just a few weeks of trying to honor the call of their Higher Self. They temporarily succombed to the pressure of their old blueprint, which made them believe that their current circumstances were more important than their daily MKE exercises. If you are reading this post, you probably know already that the contrary is true, and that all the power over circumstances comes from within. In other words, as our circumstances are only the consequences of our past decisions, there is no other way to control them than to take the “right” decisions today…which means, regaining control with our “power within”, the domain of mind and spirit. I love the metaphore in chapter 5 of the Master Key, which compares this domain of mind and spirit to a rich and beautiful estate of which we are the heir. But in order to benefit from this estate, we must accept to loose our limitations (hence to sacrifice them), assert our claim and take possession. The knowledge that this is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH is protecting me from my old blueprint, which is still attempting to bring me off track by deriving my attention from my most important daily sits, readings, and practice of basic skills. I am aware that only five weeks of the MKE might be a little too short to get this knowledge, because the results promised are not yet very visible for most students. That’s why it is so important at this stage of the program to have FAITH in yourself as the heir of... read more

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