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Week 7 – A Dream Come True

I will continue during the coming weeks to share the experience of my tribe’s members in this MKMMA training, but a special event happened for me this week, and I wanted to share it here because it is deeply connected to my personal Master Key experience. The special event was the gathering of my family in London, my wife, children and grand-children, to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. As you could maybe guess from this picture, it was a very happy event, but the point I want to make here is that it is the direct consequence of a statement I wrote in my DMP in 2013, during my first MKMMA experience. This statement was: “I travel with all my family before November, 15, 2014 and I feel extatic to be with Françoise (my wife), the children and the grand-children in a warm, beautiful and exotic location.” In that time, offering a good time to all my family and spending a few days together in an exotic place that would enchant adults and children was a big dream…which also looked quite ambitious, due to the rather bad financial health I was into then. But I followed the MKMMA process earnestly and with faith, and one year later, the first week of November 2014, I brought the whole family for one week in the South of Spain, all expenses covered! Since that time, Françoise and me have repeated the invitation to our family four more times, and it has become our greatest pleasure to find out each time a new destination idea that would be fun and interesting for everyone.     In conclusion, whatever your dream, be... read more

Week 6 – Cheri’s MKMMA Experience

Like for Gary in Week 5, I want to share with you the changes that Cheri is experiencing after just 6 weeks of the MKMMA training: “I am enjoying observing how linking of colors and shapes are occurring spontaneously at times this week. The reading that I am committed to each day has become more than a “check mark” of completing. Words return in phrases in conversation totally non-MKMMA related and yet I hear myself saying more and more that has less and less opinions linked. More curiosity is expressed when I bump into challenges. With my daily reading of The Worlds Greatest Salesman’s- the chapter change to Scroll 11 with a brief sentence summary of Scroll 1 was like bringing an old friend to visit with a brand new friend! We were invited to create a Movie Poster that reflects our DMP (Definite Major Purpose)- with some very specific elements in the poster. Fun how this visual says so much to me beyond what you may notice upon seeing the poster. Look forward to discoverying what I have yet to add…right now this is a work in progress. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am taking the weekend away from parent care giving to do something fun and spontaneous with my cousin-like-a-sister. She has planned the weekend in a city that is half way for us both and then the weather has now changed so we just laughed and said: it will be what it will be! I have all my reading and completed my other assignments today or rather now! My intent is to be very present and in... read more

Week 5 – Gary’s MKMMA Experience

Gary is a member of my tribe, and like all other active members of the tribe, he is very dedicated to “do the work”, whatever the time and efforts it takes. Here is what he shared this week about the improvements he is observing in his environment since he started the class: “This should be fun.  No opinions!?!  I told my wife about this exercise and really could not say much because everything was an opinion.  I am getting so much out of this class!  My wife has noticed I am much calmer.  She notices I am way more tolerant around the grandchildren.  She is happy, the kids are happy, the grandchildren are happy, and I am very happy!  When you improve yourself you improve everything around you.  The sentence I wrote at the beginning of the second scroll( I know, we don’t start the second scroll until the first) is ” I am happier than I ever believed it possible to be in this world”. That my friends is progress with a capitol P! I am writing my press release and will post in a day or two. Loving the class!!” That is exactly the reason why I feel so happy and honored to be a guide in this MKMMA adventure. Dear Gary, and all of you, dear members of my MKMMA tribe, Amy, Cheri, George, Janet, Mike, Nelson, Scott and Tanya, you are heroes, I love you and I believe in... read more

Week 4: How Much Are You Worth?

Every year, when we come to the “Pay it Forward” time, some members decide to quit because they say that they cannot afford to pay the amount required. Sometimes they take the decision even before knowing the exact amount. This is unfortunate because, as every earnest student of the MKMMA knows, that decision is driven by the Old Blueprint, and therefore keep those who make it in the trap of living their life “upside down”. In other words, they let their current means dictate what they believe they can realize, rather than letting what they want out of life guide them to find the means they need to achieve it. After 4 weeks of MKMMA, it should be clear for every student that the key is to decide what they want (that’s the purpose of the DMP), and from there on, to FIND or to CREATE the means required to achieve what they want, providing they don’t have them already. This is the right way to live our life, I mean to become the deliberate creator of our own reality, to be a self-directed thinker, TO EXPERIENCE FREEDOM. Quitting the training for the reason of lack of money is therefore purely and simply a refusal of the call, a return to the comfort zone of a life of quiet desperation. Those who decided to quit are not to be judged, just encouraged to reconsider their decision knowing that they have been tricked by their Old Blueprint. And for those who did decide to continue their Journey, be they congratulated for their courage to stay outside of their comfort zone, and I want... read more

Week 3 – Be Proud of Being in the MKMMA Family!

Last week-end, I was in Milano, Italy, for the annual European convention of the network marketing company I am associated with. As usual, the Saturday was very intense, full of decibels, inspiring speeches, multiple meetings with team members and partners, a lot of fun, and a final evening that kept many participants, including me, awaken well beyond midnight. As one of the products we distribute is dedicated to fitness and good health, the company had organized a 1 hour physical workout session at 7:30 am on the Sunday, hosted by the charismatic representative of the brand, named Mark McDonald (another Mark, by the way!) I love the guy for his positive energy and his communicative inner joy, and I also wanted to be an example for my teammates, therefore I decided to participate. But I had to make a real effort on Sunday morning to get out of bed and run to the convention center in the cold and misty dawn to be on time at the workout session. When I arrived in the hall, Mark was there with his two assistants, and about 25 other participants like me, ready for one hour of intense physical exercise.  Now comes the reason why I decided to share this little story with you. There were eight thousand participants at the convention, and they all were invited to the workout session…hence, out of these 8,000 only 25 showed up…not much indeed! But what really stroke my interest was that among these 25 courageous – or crazy, you choose – people, 4 of them were members of the MKMMA! Yes, the four of... read more

Week 1 & 2 – I Feel Happy!

I feel SOOOOO happy this year at the start up of the new MKMMA season 2017-2018! We have a brand new software to process the members DMPs, and which totally rid us (I mean the guides and the members) from the hassle of exchanging multiple versions and revisions of DMPs by email. But something much more important contributes to my state of joy this year: this is my forth year as a guide, and for the first time, ALL members the universe sent me (with the practical assistance of Mark, Davene and their staff of course!) have submitted their DMP, and have therefore accepted the call of their Hero inside! HURRAY! This is awesome, because there is usually about one third of the members who get their scholarship but never go farther, because they are caught up straight away by their old blueprint and kept dead frozen in their starting blocks by all sorts of False Evidences Appearing Real… To name a few: an unexpected health issue for themselves or a member of the family (including pets); a professional event that disrupt their initial plan; a sudden emergency to do something important (and which was not so important until the day of Week 1 MKMMA webinar); a serious technical problem with the computer; etc… Yes, all these kinds of circumstances are true challenges most of the time and for most people. But no, they should never be taken as an excuse to not start the MKMMA journey. Why? Because every year, for each member that gives up because of such a challenge, there is another member with exactly the... read more

Session 2017-2018 of the Master Key System is coming soon!

Everybody knows that children are the future of humanity. And humanity is progressing only when adults are treating their children well, simply because children copy the behaviors of their parents and educators. Everyone can find dozens of evidences of this in their own life, so let me just illustrate with some of mine. As a child, I remember starting to cook for myself and my younger brother around age 12, and preparing a few simple meals exactly as my parents did. Also, I spent all my holidays until age 17 traveling and camping in all corners of Europe with my parents. After I had created my own family, I started doing exactly the same thing with my wife and my children. Today, now that my three children have created their own family, they continue to copy this « holiday behavior » initiated by my parents. Of course, negative behaviors are also copied right away. For example, I started smoking cigarettes at an early age, like my father. And when I finally interrupted this harmful behavior at age 48…I realized that my father had stopped smoking at exactly the same age! What lesson should we draw from this? That learning and exercising the right behaviors in ALL areas of life should be our single most important priority, both for ourselves and for our children…and I don’t mean only our own children, but ALL the children on earth! If you can agree with this affirmation, then the BEST way by far to achieve this is the Master Key Experience, which is directly rooted in Charles Haanel’s Master Key System. The thousands of articles... read more

Week 22 – An Example of Character

Everybody has heard many times the « Dream big » recommendation to create a worthy life. Some people are doing their best to integrate this « Dream big » idea in their daily life. And sometimes, a rare individual has dreams that are so « big » that they surpass the biggest dreams that most people can conceive in their imagination…and he or she has the talent and the grit to achieve them. Elon Musk is one of these rare individuals. If you don’t know him yet, he co-founded PayPal (he sold his shares later on to launch all his following projects), created the full electric Tesla car, and founded SpaceX, with the goal of creating cities on planet Mars and helping make humanity a multi-planet species! Don’t think he is crazy…The Tesla is on the market today, and he has already developed his own rocket, which can send several men in space, then be recovered on a plateform in sea to be reused. Last day, I found an inspiring video in which he is revealing a bit of his extraordinary character. That’s what I wanted to share here, because I believe that the MKMMA experience contains all the tools that could allow each of us to build our character in direction to Elon’s character… That’s all I wish to happen for you and me ! Here are a few of his inspiring beliefs : Life cannot just be about solving problems ; there have to be things that are inspiring and exciting, and that make you glad to be alive. There are certain important things that we must do in order for the future to be good. When something is... read more

Week 21 – Finding Our Unique Gift

Last week, I was in Las Vegas to attend an international convention. During the free time, I went to see the « Michael Jackson One show » by the « Cirque du Soleil », and it turned out to be the most extraordinary entertainment moments I ever lived in my life. The show brought me twice into tears by creating feelings of joy and absolute beauty in my heart and soul. Several days after the show, these feelings were still very vivid in me, and I found in the Facebook page of the show more than thirteen thousands « five stars » comments, out of about 15,000 comments! Of course, I encourage you to go and see the show when you will be in Las Vegas… But here is the point I wanted to make : when I came back home and started to share my enthousiasm about this incredible experience, I realized that the creators of the show had operated at a level of excellence in all areas – imagination, visualisation, realization, execution – which means to me that they were able to work in direct and permanent contact with their source of inspiration, the Universal mind…Just like a few other great inspired artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, etc… I then asked myself how some human beings are capable of such perfection, literally as they have the « Divine Touch. » I found an answer that could be a great hope for all of us, who are practicing the MKMMA experience. It could be that all these great people have found their unique gift early in life (this is at least verified for Mozart!),... read more

Week 20 – Do You Have “Blind Spots”?

I recently talked to a former student of the MKMMA program, who was sharing a current challenge she was facing in her life. During the conversation, I realized that she had been happy to accomplish the whole MKMMA program without failing to do all the exercises, but that she had not considered the possibility to do the program again… I could not understand in the moment why she didn’t see how repeating the program might have continued to raise her consciousness until she found a way to overcome her challenge… That was until last Monday, and a discovery I made about myself while reading for the last time in my 4th MKMMA session, Og Mandino’s Scroll IV, « I am nature’s greatest miracle » Since I discovered the MKMMA program four years ago, I had probably read Scrool IV approximately 345 times…and during all these years, I took the following sentences as granted: « I will (…) proclaim my uniqueness in the world » and « I will place my uniqueness on display in the market place…I will begin now to accent my differences… » That Monday, I was hit by an obvious question that I had never asked myself during any of my 345+ readings: what REALLY is this uniqueness in me and what REALLY are these differences in me that I am supposed to display and to accent on the market place?! Four years with such a simple and so important question about myself in front of my eyes, literally word for word (just the question mark missing!), and not seeing it… That could only be a kind of « blind spot », an evidence about... read more

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