Luc Griffet

An old saying hit me some time ago: “Everyone has the same choice: either to increase at some stage the population of disabled old men finishing their lives in old people’s homes, or to take charge of their health before it’s too late.”

Well, that is why I am accumulating experience in the 5 pillars of wealth since 2003, I practice as an MKMMA Certified Guide, and I share it with those who are looking for a better balanced life.

Here is a short story of what brought me to share this approach of life:

After graduating as a computer engineer, I started my first job as a software engineer in an industrial computer company.

Ten years later, I created my own consulting firm and, as most people who are very busy in high-tech software or in any other professional activity, I soon became an “extra” in my own movie and nearly invisible to my wife, my children and my friends.

Hopefully, during the next ten years, the story improved: I met some great people who became my mentors and helped me change my viewpoint on life.

They showed me that it is possible (and easy!) to choose our living environment, the people with whom we spend time and do business, and even our income level.

Given that most people are really looking (and sometimes struggling) for a more balanced life, it is very rewarding (personnaly and financially) to share this viewpoint with those who are ready for it.

Choosing the path of the five pillars of wealth is a unique adventure, as it leads to autonomy, joy and true freedom.

This blog shares some stories about this adventure and is intended to inspire you to find your own way to happiness and wealth.

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