Everybody knows that children are the future of humanity.

And humanity is progressing only when adults are treating their children well, simply because children copy the behaviors of their parents and educators.

Everyone can find dozens of evidences of this in their own life, so let me just illustrate with some of mine.

As a child, I remember starting to cook for myself and my younger brother around age 12, and preparing a few simple meals exactly as my parents did.

Also, I spent all my holidays until age 17 traveling and camping in all corners of Europe with my parents.

After I had created my own family, I started doing exactly the same thing with my wife and my children.

Today, now that my three children have created their own family, they continue to copy this « holiday behavior » initiated by my parents.

Of course, negative behaviors are also copied right away.

For example, I started smoking cigarettes at an early age, like my father.

And when I finally interrupted this harmful behavior at age 48…I realized that my father had stopped smoking at exactly the same age!

What lesson should we draw from this?

That learning and exercising the right behaviors in ALL areas of life should be our single most important priority, both for ourselves and for our children…and I don’t mean only our own children, but ALL the children on earth!

If you can agree with this affirmation, then the BEST way by far to achieve this is the Master Key Experience, which is directly rooted in Charles Haanel’s Master Key System.

The thousands of articles written by former students of the Master Key Experience should also give you confidence that the training is efficient and help every earnest student to do the job.

It happened for me, it happened for thousands of students from 5 continents already, and it will happen for you…if you are ready!

Believe and persist,


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