I feel SOOOOO happy this year at the start up of the new MKMMA season 2017-2018!

We have a brand new software to process the members DMPs, and which totally rid us (I mean the guides and the members) from the hassle of exchanging multiple versions and revisions of DMPs by email.

Ulysse's Hero's Journey took almost 20 years to complete, but there is a good news for the MKMMA members: their Hero's Journey only takes 26 weeks!

Ulysse’s Hero’s Journey took almost 20 years to complete, but there is a good news for the MKMMA members: their Hero’s Journey only takes 26 weeks!

But something much more important contributes to my state of joy this year: this is my forth year as a guide, and for the first time, ALL members the universe sent me (with the practical assistance of Mark, Davene and their staff of course!) have submitted their DMP, and have therefore accepted the call of their Hero inside! HURRAY!

This is awesome, because there is usually about one third of the members who get their scholarship but never go farther, because they are caught up straight away by their old blueprint and kept dead frozen in their starting blocks by all sorts of False Evidences Appearing Real…

To name a few: an unexpected health issue for themselves or a member of the family (including pets); a professional event that disrupt their initial plan; a sudden emergency to do something important (and which was not so important until the day of Week 1 MKMMA webinar); a serious technical problem with the computer; etc…

Yes, all these kinds of circumstances are true challenges most of the time and for most people.

But no, they should never be taken as an excuse to not start the MKMMA journey. Why?

Because every year, for each member that gives up because of such a challenge, there is another member with exactly the same challenge, and who decides to answer the call of their Hero inside, and succeeds.

So what is the difference between the first category of members who refused the call, and the second category who answered the call?

Well, to be 100% honest with you, I don’t know!

But what I know for sure is that, this year, 100% of the members in my group have accepted the call of their Hero inside, and this gives me a HUGE feeling of JOY!

So, thank you to each of you, Amy, Cheri, Gary, George, Mike, Nelson, Rocky, Scott and Tanya, to have answered the call of your Hero inside, I am proud of you, and proud and honored to be your guide for this new MKMMA journey!

My wish and my task is that you all progressively become good resources for each other during this MKMMA journey, because, although you will have to travel your Hero’s Journey all by yourself, you won’t be able to do it alone!

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