Here is Scott’s inspiring post after his 10th week of discovery of the Master Key:

I have come to the conclusion that I am in the presence of Master Teacher’s. Each week I learn something new that is transforming my life slowly but surely. I still have the occasional doubts but they are now fleeting as they only stick with me for a brief moment. When this happens I immediately think of something positive which overrides the negative thoughts almost instantly. One word that works for me is “POWER” and another is “LOVE”. I have a long way to go to get to where I need to be but I am excited for the journey to continue.

This course, the Master Key is unlike anything that I have ever been through in my life. In the past I would go through something and I could maintain the positive attitude and excitement for awhile but eventually it would go away. I now realize that this is all by design, it is what I have been taught over the last many years. It is my old blueprint. I for the first time in my life am seeing how I truly can be anything that I want to be and do anything that I want to do.

When I think of my past I think of the movie Groundhog Day where the same thing kept happening over and over again. I now realize that I can build myself over entirely in a very short period of time and I don’t have to repeat those same bad habits over and over again. I will succeed as long as I concentrate on what it is that I want, as long it is for the good of everyone involved.

I know that I will have everything that I want LOVE, HEALTH & WEALTH because of my willingness and dedication to help others.

I am building a new foundation which gets stronger each day. I thank Mark J and Davene for this AMAZING journey. I also thank my Guide Luc for his encouraging words and support!

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