4.5 prosperity in actionThe beginning of my week…

Last night I felt a deeping ‘relaxed focus’ and a gently very restful peace with my DMP. I will refine it some more this week.

Some quotes I have spent quite a bit of time musing on this week:

“Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions. For this reason, men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with absolute precision just what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions.”

“It is well, however, to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.”

I spent a heap of time on this one.. during sits and also it travelled with me during my day..

12. As the interests of the individual are protected by the arms of the country, added to his own; and his needs may depend upon certain supply in the degree that they are felt more universally and steadily; in the same manner does conscious citizenship in the Republic of nature secure us from the annoyances of subordinate agents by alliance with superior powers; and by appeal to the fundamental laws of resistance or inducement offered to mechanical or chemical agents, distribute the labor to be performed between them and man to the best advantage of the inventor. …..

and the closing quote:.. “Death is but the natural process whereby all material forms are thrown into the crucible for reproduction in fresh diversity..”

2 wallactionssome of my services planned for this coming week..

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