Here is how Gary shares how he experienced one of the most intense exercises of the MKMMA training:

Sunday afternoon, 4 PM, Time for the Webinar.  I actually put the audio on in the car  Saturday thinking I would hear week 11 and week 12 came on instead.  A Sneak Peak!  Love those!

The webinar starts.  Mark is ENTHUSIASTIC for an hour.  Then he says to repeat the one sentence DMP for 50 minutes.  What?  Repeat the one sentence DMP for 50 minutes.  I get a small mirror, tell my wife to ignore me in the office, I am going to repeat a sentence over and over for 50 minutes.  Generates a puzzled look from her to say the least!

I start- I find myself having to read it off the card for the first little while.  I set a timer for 30 minutes and continue.  It is amazing how fast the time goes by.  I am thirsty, My voice is changing, I am getting ENTUsiastic( half as much as Mark).  I like this!  “I am a Double Platinum Presidential Net-worker, Living in the United States nine months of the year, Greece three months of the year, earning $500,000 or more a year helping other people improve their lives.”  What could be better than that?!?

The exercise during the sit this week  is to just relax, mentally and physically.  The course is building one step at a time and I am excited about the progress and the changes I am seeing in myself.  I like the mirror work and have read about it in a book by the late Louise Hays.  It is another part of this class that I am seeing for a second time.  Little co-incidences.  Little changes, Little idiosyncrasies.  All coming together in the next three months.

Can’t wait!

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