Our old blueprint is constantly ambushed trying to keep us in the status quo, which means here to quit our Hero’s Journey…Here is how Cheri brilliantly avoided the trap:

I am so grateful for my MasterKey Guide… with good questions and gentle inquiry of was the “old blue print” boldly saying “you can’t…” before seeing what could be experienced… I decided to press on and stay the course. What has happened in the last few weeks has been nothing short of exciting for me! That the inner world is manifesting more and more in the outer world is, well, a wonder!

Received a most precious gift from my niece for Christmas, a hand written note of appreciation! Some key words: “you always encourage …; “…being an independent lover. By that I mean that you are independant and self-sufficient and you still have a lot of love to give all the time which is quite an accomplishment!”.  She could have read my DMP as Liberty and Autonomy are my PPN’s with being of integrity and encouragement in my relationships! What a gift!!

Even though my 7 Day Mental Diet is well honestly in a stage of daily re-set; I am finding less and less of my own thoughts focused in the nay say world but way more encouraging & upliftng with curiosity. My challenge is the negative people that I cannot remove myself from at this point in time. So I get to practise everyday how to let their words float right on out of my head and not land within my thought process.

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