Here is what Gary shared in his 17th week blog:

“Week 17 of the Franklin Makeover.  Last week the 300 participants who have persevered through the 17 weeks of this course all looked for kindness.  They also performed two acts of kindness (un-noticed if possible) a day and reported them in the kindness section of our website.  There were over 8300 acts reported and actually many more as some people reported them in the section that was not counted or tracked, or put 3 or 4 acts in one entry.  Amazing!!  I found people reacted to my acts of kindness with acts of their own.  Everyone was smiling and happy as an act of kindness brightens everyone’s’ day !

This week I am looking for acts and signs of Discipline.  I have found a few.
Athletes in competition who keep their cool when others do not.  People who do things they are supposed to do even when they don’t feel like it.

I am continuing my reading and sitting as directed and probably have completed the activities 95% of the time.  The ones I miss are during the mid day and I usually do not miss them.

Death by Burpees and exercise are a discipline and I am over 90% compliant on that.  The moral is whatever you look for or concentrate on, you see.  I am looking for the positive and not the negative.  What you do not focus or concentrate on atrophys or goes away!

In the 17 weeks I have been taking this class, Everything is better!”

You will find Gary’s blog here: , just put it in your favorite and send him your blog URL too 🙂

All the best!

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