Last week-end, I was in Milano, Italy, for the annual European convention of the network marketing company I am associated with.

As usual, the Saturday was very intense, full of decibels, inspiring speeches, multiple meetings with team members and partners, a lot of fun, and a final evening that kept many participants, including me, awaken well beyond midnight.

As one of the products we distribute is dedicated to fitness and good health, the company had organized a 1 hour physical workout session at 7:30 am on the Sunday, hosted by the charismatic representative of the brand, named Mark McDonald (another Mark, by the way!)

I love the guy for his positive energy and his communicative inner joy, and I also wanted to be an example for my teammates, therefore I decided to participate.

But I had to make a real effort on Sunday morning to get out of bed and run to the convention center in the cold and misty dawn to be on time at the workout session.

When I arrived in the hall, Mark was there with his two assistants, and about 25 other participants like me, ready for one hour of intense physical exercise. workout session2

Now comes the reason why I decided to share this little story with you.

There were eight thousand participants at the convention, and they all were invited to the workout session…hence, out of these 8,000 only 25 showed up…not much indeed!

But what really stroke my interest was that among these 25 courageous – or crazy, you choose – people, 4 of them were members of the MKMMA!

Yes, the four of us were proud…

…first of ourselves for having showed up,

…then of our affiliation to the MKMMA thanks to which we developed this precious ability to do the main things first, and to find the courage required to do the work.

It is sometimes in the little things of life that we find the assurance that we are on the right track by enduring the discipline of the daily exercises, readings and sitting.

And now you will know that each time someone tells you that you can be proud of participating to the MKMMA experience, it is for a REASON!

Believe and persist,


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