Like for Gary in Week 5, I want to share with you the changes that Cheri is experiencing after just 6 weeks of the MKMMA training:

“I am enjoying observing how linking of colors and shapes are occurring spontaneously at times this week. The reading that I am committed to each day has become more than a “check mark” of completing. Words return in phrases in conversation totally non-MKMMA related and yet I hear myself saying more and more that has less and less opinions linked. More curiosity is expressed when I bump into challenges. With my daily reading of The Worlds Greatest Salesman’s- the chapter change to Scroll 11 with a brief sentence summary of Scroll 1 was like bringing an old friend to visit with a brand new friend!

We were invited to create a Movie Poster that reflects our DMP (Definite Major Purpose)- with some very specific elements in the poster. Fun how this visual says so much to me beyond what you may notice upon seeing the poster. Look forward to discoverying what I have yet to add…right now this is a work in progress.

Movie Poster_110117

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am taking the weekend away from parent care giving to do something fun and spontaneous with my cousin-like-a-sister. She has planned the weekend in a city that is half way for us both and then the weather has now changed so we just laughed and said: it will be what it will be! I have all my reading and completed my other assignments today or rather now! My intent is to be very present and in the moment. Enjoy the visual, all the smells (she has great clean eating place on the agenda), and the wonderful treasure of friendship. Oh, I have my PPN’s & shapes in my car ready for the trip too!”

Happy birthday Cheri, you are on the road of success!


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