Here is how Mike is sharing his new challenge after Week 8 teaching:

Week 8 is beginning by looking at things in a different way. Be the observer and look at things in different ways.

First look at it in the way you use to look at things.  Then look at at with a new prospective. Look at it with your heart instead of looking with your eyes.

How can you go back on your dreams, it’s true it is the sin of the desert – holding back water for someone who needs it and you know you have plenty,  It is the worst crime you can commit. On who? Yourself.

Even if I get behind, I have a strategy now. And I can quickly get myself back on the wagon. I know reading Og, Haanel, doing the sit, and the other exercises that relaxes my mind to know that what I need to do is in place.

To be more committed to this practice. It was suggested to turn the TV around and not watch it, but this week it was also suggested that you cut the cords.  This way your not tempted to turn around the TV and watch it. This is the hardest thing for me to do.

If you do you will realize how much more time you have to do ther things  that will lead you to your dream life. Until next week.

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