point_of_no_returnEverybody has experienced a “point of no return” in many circumstances of their life.

In the mountain, reaching a point of no return simply means that, wherever your route has brought you so far, going back the same route would be more difficult than what your physical and/or technical abilities would allow you to do. When this happens, you are left with two choices to go back home: finding an easier return route that fits your abilities or waiting for an helicopter to bring you back to a safe place!

The example of the mountain is easy to catch – and therefore to act upon – because it is mainly the physical body which is at stake…and that’s a part of our World Without…

But could our spiritual “body”, a part of our World Within, also experience a point of no return?

That would be a point where we either decide to continue to grow as a human being, or to stop working and regress under the control of our Old Blueprint…

I believe that Week 13 of the MKMMA, half-way of the program, is precisely a Point of No Return in our quest toward an harmonious and abundant life.

Here is why.

During the first 13 weeks, we have learned many specific strategies and tactics allowing us to become fully self directed thinkers, deliberate creators of our life…

From here on, we have two challenges to overcome:

  1. to switch off the Old Blueprint which wants to keep us stuck and unchanged,
  2. to integrate the strategies and tactics we just learned, and that will be the main focus of Weeks 14 to 26 of the MKMMA training.

We are thus in a race between “us” our World Within, and our Old Blueprint which wants (by ignorance) to prevent us from growing…

That is why quitting the program now, after Week 13, with the promise to start again next year is extremely dangerous for our long term growth, hence for our life itself.

Because if we give up now to the Old Blueprint, despite the surprise of all the strategies and tactics designed to overcome and transformed it, it will be even stronger the next time, now that it knows what is coming.

In other words, if we cannot resist the pressure of our Old Blueprint today, how could we reasonably assume that we will be able to resist it next time? It just doesn’t make sense!


And that’s why your decision to stay or to quit the program now will have a decisive impact on your destiny.

Believe and persist!

With love,



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