Every year, when we come to the “Pay it Forward” time, some members decide to quit because they say that they cannot afford to pay the amount required.

Sometimes they take the decision even before knowing the exact amount.pay-it-forward

This is unfortunate because, as every earnest student of the MKMMA knows, that decision is driven by the Old Blueprint, and therefore keep those who make it in the trap of living their life “upside down”.

In other words, they let their current means dictate what they believe they can realize, rather than letting what they want out of life guide them to find the means they need to achieve it.

After 4 weeks of MKMMA, it should be clear for every student that the key is to decide what they want (that’s the purpose of the DMP), and from there on, to FIND or to CREATE the means required to achieve what they want, providing they don’t have them already.

This is the right way to live our life, I mean to become the deliberate creator of our own reality, to be a self-directed thinker, TO EXPERIENCE FREEDOM.

Quitting the training for the reason of lack of money is therefore purely and simply a refusal of the call, a return to the comfort zone of a life of quiet desperation.

Those who decided to quit are not to be judged, just encouraged to reconsider their decision knowing that they have been tricked by their Old Blueprint.

And for those who did decide to continue their Journey, be they congratulated for their courage to stay outside of their comfort zone, and I want to address my special congratulations to all the members of my tribe who decided to remain faithful to their hero’s journey, whatever their present circumstances!

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