Gary is a member of my tribe, and like all other active members of the tribe, he is very dedicated to “do the work”, whatever the time and efforts it takes.

Here is what he shared this week about the improvements he is observing in his environment since he started the class:

“This should be fun.  No opinions!?!  I told my wife about this exercise and really could not say much because everything was an opinion.  I am getting so much out of this class!  My wife has noticed I am much calmer.  She notices I am way more tolerant around the grandchildren.  She is happy, the kids are happy, the grandchildren are happy, and I am very happy!  When you improve yourself you improve everything around you.  The sentence I wrote at the beginning of the second scroll( I know, we don’t start the second scroll until the first) is ” I am happier than I ever believed it possible to be in this world”.

That my friends is progress with a capitol P!

I am writing my press release and will post in a day or two.

Loving the class!!”

That is exactly the reason why I feel so happy and honored to be a guide in this MKMMA adventure.

Dear Gary, and all of you, dear members of my MKMMA tribe, Amy, Cheri, George, Janet, Mike, Nelson, Scott and Tanya, you are heroes, I love you and I believe in you.

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