Last week-end, I met fifteen out of my ninety friends who graduated with me from the Engineering School of Brussels University, back in 1977.

We spent the whole week-end together with our spouses on a nice luxurious boat cruising on the Rhine running between France and Germany to celebrate this 40th anniversary of graduation.

We talked, ate, drank and danced together all along…because that’s all we can do on a cruise boat navigating a river, and we all had a great time!AIrBr friends 2

But at the end of the week-end, I was in shock!

Not because most of my friends underwent such a physical transformation that I couldn’t recognize most of them when we first met on the boat…

The shock came actually from the ‘Aha’ moment that hit me like a ton of bricks on the way home…

I went back for a short moment in the skin of the 23 year old student that I was in 1977, reconnecting with the environment, images, atmosphere, and feelings I was sharing in that time with all my friends…

Then, right at the end of that magic moment, I suddenly realized that I had just spent 2 days with the Future Selves of all these 23 year old students, full of life, energy, ambition and projects…and who had – nearly all with very few exceptions – summarized their 40 years of life since graduation in a 1 to 2 minutes super standard story of « I got married, started a nice engineering career, got children, worked a lot, traveled a lot for my job (or not), got some serious health issues (or not), got retired (variant : will be retired in 2 years), have no other plan for the future than taking care of my grand-children (variant : taking care of my health). Fullstop. »

If any of these 23 year old students, including me, had got in 1977 a conscious connection with their 40 years older Future Self, would the story of their life have been different?

For each of them, I can only say « probably », as only them are allowed to give a definite answer to that question…

For me at least, the answer is « definitely yes! » because I have a proof : I became aware of my Future Self about 10 years ago, and my story from that point on started to diverge from their stories…

So to keep this post short and to the point, I wish to ask you this : are you aware of you Future Self RIGHT NOW?

If yes, do you have a definite plan RIGHT NOW to make it greater than you are today?

If you tell me that you have your DMP, I’d say to you « Great! And are you taking your DMP very seriously ? I mean, do you REALLY BELIEVE in your DMP? »

Make absolutely sure it is the case, o.w. rework it RIGHT AWAY until you can believe all what is in it…because this is the surest way you can create a true connection with your FUTURE SELF…and create for yourself a life you will be proud of at any time in your future! 😊

AIrBr friends

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